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 Key Objects Library     

 Key Objects Library     



kladov.jpg (8997 bytes) Kladov Vladimir

Age: 35. Married, have a son Alexander 2 years.
Education: Novosibirst State University, 1995. Mechanics, Mathematics.
Job: Engeneer, Programmer. Novosibirsk Chemical Concentration Plant.
Experience: Delphi32 (last 5 years), Borland C++, Assembler (TASM, MASM), Java-script, Java, MS SQL 6.5, Paradox, Fox Pro for Windows. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Corel Draw, html.
OS Windows9x/Me, NT/2K, DOS, OS360.

And also: FortranIV, FortranVI, PL/1, Assembler Z80, i8080, PDP, Turbo-Pascal, Turbo-C, Alpha-Algol.
Location: Novosibirsk, Russia.