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 Key Objects Library     

 Key Objects Library     

KOL Forum

   Thanks to Erik Nordlund, who agreed to create a forum for KOL and to administrate it.

   All are welcome to ask questions, make suggestions, and discuss all about KOL.



   You can subscribe now, if You have not done this earlier.
   Just send a e-mail, the only your reply-to address is needed. Then You will receive a confirmation to this address.
   Thanks to
Nisses Insane, who created new mailing list account on Yahoo for us.


   Articles of different authors about KOL will be represented here while delivering it. If You have an interest in, and a little of literature talent, write me, and I'll add your work here. The single requirement is: subject should be KOL or one of its extensions (e.g., MCK). You can share your experience with beginners in KOL, tell your opinions (including negative), give detailed wishes etc.

Attention! Reprint of articles without permission of its authors is supressed. To publish these matherials in electrinic or printed version on your site or anywhere else please contact first the author of the article.
Why not so (ideologic KOL FAQ). 13 Sep 2000. By Vladimir Kladov (Language: Russian)
Using the KOL library. Lesson 1: An Introduction. 7 Feb 2001. By Thaddy de Koning.
KOL - code-economy object library. 1 Sep 2001. By Vladimir Kladov (Language: Russian)




ACLACL - API Controls Library.
A library very similar to KOL.
By Bokovikov .
STRIPRELOC.EXE (~58K) by Jordan Russel
Very useful utility, if You wish to make your exe-file size smaller 2 Kbytes more. It removes relocation table from PE-file.



   The KOL author sincerely gratitudes to all, who by any way take a part in this project. It is probably, that these people are the main reason, why KOL exists and is yet developing. First of all, I would like to express my appreciations to my wife Irina - for her moral support and for everyday comfort conditions, which are, certainly very important while working under the project.
   My thanks to all, who took part in KOL Web Page development: to
Nisses Insane, who created news subscription, to Erik Nordlund, who made KOL Forum, to Denis, who suggested an idea of new Web page design view. Thanks to all, who give advices on page organization, hosting, etc.
   The are no doubts, I should thanks a lot (and I do this with a pleasure) to my collegue -
Bokovikov Alexander, who is developing his own ACL library. Some ideas was gathered from his work (and I hope, that some my ideas was useful for him too in his project).
   Since KOL grow out of my previous work, XCL library, and the most of code came from XCL without too many changes, I can not leave out without thanks all people, who take part in XCL project. Above all, these are
Carlo Kok, Tim Slusher, Sergey Kachalov, Pavel (aka "Portos"), Y.X.B., Aleks S., Hans Lvhaga, Alex Torgashin (sorry, if I missed somebody here).
   Thanks a lot to all, who by their suggestions, remarks, bug reports, additional code and other matherials, advices and so on helped (and help now) in developing the KOL library. These are:
Vladimir Potapov, Yuri Sidorov, Vyacheslav A. Gavrik (slag), Valeriy Pakhomov, Thaddy de Koning, Sergey Shisminzev, RickB, radio, Peter Tuente, Lutischan Ferenc, LasTNighT, Jean-Marie Delbary, Basil Matveev, BaRoN!, Alexey Popov, Alexander Volok, Alexander Shakhaylo, Alex W. Lulin. I hope, this list of sympathizers will be increased in future too.



F Author

   Please, do not send too long files. My mail box is limited to size 100K. When You wish to send me something, contact me first by e-mail.


Copyright (C) by Vladimir Kladov, 2000-2001