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 Key Objects Library     

 Key Objects Library     

Introduction to MCK

   MCK is a kit of mirror classes for the VISUAL project development in Delphi environment using KOL library. Though from the beginning nor KOL, nor its predecessor XCL were not fit and intended for the visual development, therefore offers, ideas, questions and thoughts from many people on this cause enterred with the enviable regularity. Finally, after some thoughts, I come to a conclusion that it is possible for KOL to make it visual. And, in spite of the collapse of preceding attempt (project XCL Wizard, if who in the course - it has deprived more than half a year beside me), I decided to start the new project on. And though I myself repeatedly convinced my opponents that it's impossible... For four evenings to me, it seems to jerk it.

  Essence of idea of "mirror classes" is concluded in following. For each visually isolated object of KOL library Delphi VCL component is created, which is registerred by usual way for Delphi components and it is placed on the palette of components. I use the term "visually isolated object" because the same (from formal standpoints) object type in KOL can implement of different visual elements. For instance, TControl can be either form, or button, or label, or any other dialogue element.

  Designing of project in "mirror" classes consists in following two steps:

- Placing two components TKOLProject and TKOLForm on the form, and running project first time to convert it into KOL-compliant.
- Then working with converted at the design time as with usual VCL project, and when it is compiled, KOL objects are substituting corresponent mirror VCL objects, and application is very small.


MCK Project status

  • Basic components to convert mirror project to KOL-compliant:
    • TKOLProject - must be placed on the main form of KOL visual project.
    • TKOLApplet - can be placed on the main form. Not necessary.
    • TKOLForm - must be placed on each form of the project.
    • TKOLDataModule - use it instead of TKOLForm to collent non-visual objects.
    • TKOLFrame - use it instead TKOLForm to adjust a standalone panel together with its children - at design time.
    • TKOLService - to use in place of TKOLForm in NT Service application.
  • Visual components, mirror to correspondent KOL objects (all incapsulated in one object TControl):
    • TKOLLabel
    • TKOLLabelEffect
    • TKOLButton
    • TKOLBitBtn
    • TKOLPanel
    • TKOLSplitter
    • TKOLGradientPanel
    • TKOLGroupBox
    • TKOLCheckBox
    • TKOLRadioBox
    • TKOLEditBox
    • TKOLMemo
    • TKOLRichEdit
    • TKOLListBox
    • TKOLComboBox
    • TKOLPaintBox
    • TKOLImageShow
    • TKOLProgressBar
    • TKOLListView
    • TKOLTreeView
    • TKOLToolbar
    • TKOLTabControl
  • Non-visual components, correspondent to KOL objects:
    • TKOLTimer
    • TKOLImageList
    • TKOLMainMenu
    • TKOLPopupMenu
    • TKOLOpenSaveDialog
    • TKOLOpenDirDialog
    • TKOLColorDialog
    • TKOLTrayIcon
    • TKOLThread


Copyright (C) by Vladimir Kladov, 1999-2001